Fire Extinguishers & Egress Lighting


Statistically,  far too many Fire Extinguishers are not inspected or have their tags signed even though the inspection has not been conducted. Fire Extinguishers are far too important to just sign the tag and neglect an inspection. Fire Extinguishers are truly our first and last line of defense to preventing the spread of a fire in its earliest stages.


NFPA 10 – Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers contains very specific details on how a fire extinguisher is required to be inspected every month. LSE inspectors are certified and highly trained to perform these important inspections. Imagine needing an extinguisher and not having it work because someone failed to inspect it properly.


LSE inspectors will inspect each Fire Extinguisher closely for violations related to damage, pressure, signage, testing cycles and location. Every month, our clients are provided with a detailed inspection report, along with work orders, to outline deficiencies found during the inspection process.


LSE offers monthly and annual inspections of all of your Fire Extinguishers. We have also developed numerous partnerships with companies who can perform your 5 and 6 year tests as well as Hydrostatic Testing.


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The Life Safety Code has numerous regulations covering both Exit Sign & Emergency Lighting. This includes intensity, placement and overall functionality. Too often, the maintenance staff is charged with the task of performing these monthly inspections and unfortunately, they tend to lack the time and expertise to properly conduct these inspections.


Let Life Safety Enterprises Inc.  handle all of your monthly and annual requirements regarding egress lighting. This service can be added in conjunction with some of our other programs including monthly fire extinguisher inspections. As with all of our other inspections, each asset will receive a unique barcode identifier, which will generate comprehensive inspection reports and any necessary work orders.

Life Safety Enterprises is a proud member of: 


• NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

• ASHE - American Society for Healthcare Executives

• OHA - Ohio Hospital Association

• NOSHE - Northern Ohio Society for Healthcare Executives

• OSHFM - Ohio Society for Healthcare Facility Managers

• FHEA - Florida Healthcare Executives Association

• FFMIA - The Florida Fire Marshalls and Inspectors Association

• NEOFPA - North Eastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association



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