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"Don’t waste your time and money on random, spot check surveys that only tell you part of your compliance story.

Get the full story with Life Safety Enterprises Inc.!"

45% of all violations found during a Joint Commission survey are directly related to Life Safety Code deficiencies.


This is why we at Life Safety Enterprises Inc. have created the "ClosedLoop Compliance" Asset Management Program. We take our clients full circle from inventory to inspection to remediation allowing them to have detailed information every step of the way to meet all of their compliance needs. The "ClosedLoop Compliance" Program can include any of the following items;


  • Doors – Corridor, Fire, Smoke

  • Egress Lighting – Exit Signs, Emergency Lights

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Rated Barrier Walls – Fire and Smoke (including floors)

  • Smoke and Fire Dampers

  • Smoke-tight corridor walls

  • Other Items – AEDs, Code Blue Relays, Electrical Receptacles, OSHA related programs, Hazard Recognition


Each item is tagged with a unique bar code to be used during the inspection process. The comprehensive database will be used to generate detailed inspection reports and work orders. This can be accomplished through the LSE "ClosedLoop Compliance" Program or by using your in-house software solution.


Our "Best Practice" comprehensive inspection programs allow LSE to identify any deficiencies prior to CMS, The Joint Commission, or any other regulatory agency's survey. The LSE Barrier Management Program gives you the ability to develop a strategic plan of action based on your timeframe, your budget, etc… 


LSE inspection programs are designed to meet the stringent requirements set forth by;


  • NFPA codes especially 101– Life Safety Code & NFPA 99 

  • ICC – International Code Council

  • Joint Commission – Statement of Conditions

  • CMS – Conditions of Participation

  • State and Local Building and Fire Codes

  • Standards set forth by other accrediting bodies



Life Safety Enterprises has the most comprehensive Fire and Life Safety Code inspection and survey program in the industry. Our highly trained Field Inspectors have one goal in mind – to provide the safest possible facility for all your occupants.


LSE is committed to saving you time and money over the long haul with the use of our Barrier Management Program. Once the initial deficiencies are identified, and remediation is completed, subsequent inspections become mere maintenance.



Life Safety Enterprises is a proud member of: 


• NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

• ASHE - American Society for Healthcare Executives

• OHA - Ohio Hospital Association

• NOSHE - Northern Ohio Society for Healthcare Executives

• OSHFM - Ohio Society for Healthcare Facility Managers

• FHEA - Florida Healthcare Executives Association

• FFMIA - The Florida Fire Marshalls and Inspectors Association

• NEOFPA - North Eastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association



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