Fire & Smoke Barrier Walls

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Defficient Fire & Smoke walls can severely compromise your accreditation and more importantly….the occupants within your facility. It is imperative that every deficient item is found and repaired to avoid rapid transfer of smoke, fire, heat and toxic gas – no matter how big or small.


Smoke and fire barriers are essential elements to a building’s overall fire protection plan. By dividing buildings into smaller compartments, the chance of smoke and fire spreading throughout the building is minimized. This design process works in unison with doors, dampers, detection, firestopping and suppression to limit the damage caused by a fire.


The problem with these barriers is that they tend to viewed as “out of sight, out of mind” because such a large percentage of them are not viewed on a regular basis. The majority of these barriers are located above drop ceilings and are not seen by staff or the general public. Unfortunately, this is where most problems lie – hidden above the ceiling.


While Sprinklers can extinguish a fire below the drop ceiling, your building becomes vulnerable should a fire occur above the ceiling tiles, which is where the majority of penetrations and deficiencies are found.


Life Safety Enterprises will survey your entire facility to ensure compliance with all aspects of NFPA, ICC, Joint Commission and CMS codes and standards. These inspections will cover all rated smoke and fire barriers including floors and can also include smoke tight corridor walls.


LSE Inspectors will survey all penetrations and construction joints looking for correct and complete Construction and Firestopping.


Benefits of our "ClosedLoop Compliance" Program include;


  • Individually bar coded walls for easy identification

  • Use of our "ClosedLoop Compliance" Software or your in-house compliance software solution

  • All of our Inspectors have been trained and certified in various firestop techniques. In short, they know what they are looking for!

  • Thorough inspections looking for any violation that could jeopardize your survey and safety

  • Detailed inspection reports showing the pass / fail status of every wall

  • Detailed work orders illustrating any deficient items found including type, quantity and reason for failure

  • Life Safety Code Drawings plotted with each deficient barcode number

  • Assistance with remediation including repairs or PFI's


It is our commitment to you that we will go beyond the obvious to identify deficiencies. This will allow you to meet all accreditation obligations to provide you with the safest facility possible.

Life Safety Enterprises is a proud member of: 


• NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

• ASHE - American Society for Healthcare Executives

• OHA - Ohio Hospital Association

• NOSHE - Northern Ohio Society for Healthcare Executives

• OSHFM - Ohio Society for Healthcare Facility Managers

• FHEA - Florida Healthcare Executives Association

• FFMIA - The Florida Fire Marshalls and Inspectors Association

• NEOFPA - North Eastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association



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