Life Safety Enterprises Inc (LSE) was founded in 1995 to provide the most comprehensive fire and life safety consulting, training, inspection, and firestop services in the industry. We strongly believe in working as a member of our client’s Compliance Team to help them meet their legal, regulatory and moral obligations as they provide the safest possible facility for employees and visitors alike.


Life Safety Enterprises Inc. offers a wide array of services and safety solutions that can fulfill the compliance needs of facilities in any industry.  These services are firmly based on Fire and Building Codes, OSHA and accrediting agency regulations, and more importantly, adherence to safety standards that are the law. While the legal ramifications of safety tend to be overlooked, LSE has incorporated these needs into all of our programs via our “ClosedLoop” compliance approach.


Our “ClosedLoop Compliance” program ensures that our clients receive the best possible service from beginning to end. This is accomplished through consistent communication, accurate inspections and training, and specific and detailed documentation. 

About LSE


Life Safety Enterprises is a proud member of: 


• NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

• ASHE - American Society for Healthcare Executives

• OHA - Ohio Hospital Association

• NOSHE - Northern Ohio Society for Healthcare Executives

• OSHFM - Ohio Society for Healthcare Facility Managers

• FHEA - Florida Healthcare Executives Association

• FFMIA - The Florida Fire Marshalls and Inspectors Association

• NEOFPA - North Eastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association



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